How To Get Your Project Trending on Dextools Hot Pairs in 2024

Dextools Trending Service
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OpenAI-ERC20-Dextools-Trending-Service-Hot-Pairs-ETH is a decentralized finance application (also known as dapp) constructed as a tool for crypto investors and traders to monitor price movement, charts and live market data for crypto tokens across multiple chains, including BSC (Binance Smart Chain) and ETH (Ethereum).

Dextools receives over 8 million visits each month, and is one of the most used charting tools available in de-fi.


One of the most highly valued spots for a crypto token to appear is the Hot Pairs section on Dextools , which appears as a scrolling bar at the top of every page, and also on the home page.

It is highly sought after due to its premium placement, However there are only 12 spaces available.

Projects often make it one of their marketing objectives to appear here, as the exposure allows them to attract more investors and boost growth.

How To Trend on Dextools?

At the time of writing (January 2024) in order for a token to trend on dextools organically, projects would need all of the following requirements to be met:

Dextools Trending Requirements

The relatively high threshold is why you often see much larger established projects appear in the trending section more frequently.

Projects with metrics far below what is stated above are often seen trending on Dextools , as they are using a paid Dextools Trending Service to trend their token for a fixed period of time, with fees ranging between $4k and $12k depending on the provider.

This allows newer tokens with lower requirements to attract more investors, and benefit from high daily volumes.

Benefits of Dextools Trending

On average, tokens that appear on a Dextools Trending Hot Pairs are able to achieve daily volumes of $750,000 to $1 million, which can be used to generate taxes to fund further development of their project.

A token with a 5% buy/sell tax on $1,000,000 daily volumes would generate $50,000 per day.

A token with a 10% buy/sell tax on $1,000,000 daily volumes would generate $100,000 per day.

A token with a 20% buy/sell tax on $1,000,000 daily volumes would generate $200,000 per day.

During the crypto bullrun of 2020/2021 many tokens were charging on average 20 to 25% buy/sell tax, whilst achieving more than triple the volumes stated above.

Get Your Project Trending on Dextools

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Dextools Trending Service

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