How Dino LFG Meme Token Did 1000x And Hit $8.5 Million Market Cap In Just 3 Weeks

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2 min readDec 15, 2022


Our client Dino LFG initially launched their meme token on 11th November 2022 with a starting market cap around $10,000.

The team managed to gain organic growth through community shilling (word of mouth marketing) and were able to hit $500,000 market cap in just a few days.

At this price point the team decided to take things further to the next level and onboard Dextools Trending Service to help them further promote their token and gain more exposure to new investors.

We got them a Fast Track Listing on CoinMarketcap and Coingecko within 24 hours using our Fast Track Service as mentioned on our Reddit post, and they are now tracked on Binance.

After 1 month of consecutive daily Dextools Trending, community building, and influencer marketing, the meme token managed to hit an all time high of $8.5 million market cap, and has accumulated over 3,700 holders!

Dino LFG All Time High $8.5 Million Market Cap

Dextools Chart:

What is Dino LFG?

Dino is a meme coin with a staking utility (currently holds 10% of supply) , and their main focus is to build a strong community.

The team currently consists of 10 members, and they are currently building a global payment network using the Dino token, with eligible purchases receiving 5% cashback.

The token is 0% tax and the liquidity is locked for 1 year.




Dino LFG Tokenomics

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