Dextools Trending Campaign Boosts Swapify Swap To New All Time High

We were recently engaged by our new client Swapify Swap for an initial 1 Week Dextools Trending Campaign to help with their marketing strategy.

They are currently trading at $1.5 million market cap, and yesterday hit an all time high of $2.2 million market cap.

Daily volumes have also been consistently averaging $250k to $300k, and the project has 780 holders.


The project launched on 1st December 2022 as an erc20 token and is currently listed on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko.




Swapify is a new trading swap application on the ethereum blockchain that allows users to trade any token that is available on Uniswap.

Features include:

  • — This feature allows you to place multiple buys into a token with one click of a button .
  • — This allows the users to make a purchase with multiple wallets at the same time.
  • — Users will be able to use the appication to automatically buy contract on their behalf when trading is enabled, or when liquidity is supplied.


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