Decentralized Exchange Wallet Token Skyrockets to $1 Million Market Cap After Successful Dextools and Pinksale Trending Campaign

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2 min readDec 18, 2022



We initially worked with Decentralized Exchange Wallet to assist with Pinksale Trending for their fair launch on Pinksale finance.

After completing a 2 day presale, and 3 day marketing campaign, they raised 375 BNB from 411 investors, and launched on Pancakeswap on 14th December 2022.


The chart initially started off somewhat shaky due to the bearish market, and fud rumours spreading over the status of Binance exchange.

For 2 days the chart was on a downward trend and dipped below $150,000 market cap, before the team decided to take action and deploy a marketing strategy to give the project a push.

The team booked a Dextools Trending Campaign, which began on 17th December 2022 for an initial 24 hours booking, and the project has done over $650,000 in volume.

Almost $20,000 has been generated from taxes to contribute towards the team marketing and development budget.



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